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What To Expect

What are your services like?

Each worship gathering starts at 11:00am and lasts for approximately an hour and fifteen minutes. We have a strong emphasis on involving the congregation in worship through the reading of Scripture, prayer times, singing, and expository (Bible-driven) preaching. We believe the music we sing should be Christ-exalting, God-glorifying, and Scripture-saturated. We use instruments to encourage the congregation to lift their voices to Jesus with freedom and joy. Because we believe that there are many songs throughout history that both honor God and build up the church. In light of this, it isn’t uncommon to sing a familiar hymn from days past and a song from today on the same Sunday

Where do I park?

There are two main parking lots as well as some parking along the street. The main paved lot can be entered behind the church building. There is also a gravel lot located across the street from the church building.

If my life is messy and I don’t have everything together am I still welcome?

Yes. In fact, we’d be honored to have you as our guest. If having one’s life together was a requirement to attend – then Safe Harbor wouldn’t exist! The good news of the gospel is that God offers messy people like us a perfect purpose, hope, and joy through Jesus Christ.

Where do I go when I arrive?

The main entrance to the building is in the front by the ramp and stairs. We’ll have volunteers from our Welcome Team to guide you to the gathering space or children’s ministry areas when you arrive. If you have any questions or needs while you’re with us, don't hesitate to ask.

Will I be singled out?

No. We will not ask visitors to stand and be recognized, to give a testimony, to come to the front, or anything like that.

How should I dress?

The Bible tells us that “man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” We want our attire to be modest and honoring to God. We don’t have a dress code so you should wear whatever feels most comfortable. Most people who attend dress casually, but regardless of what you wear, you will be welcomed.

What's Available For Children?

On Sunday mornings, we are glad to be able to offer children's Sunday School Classes at 10am as well as classes during the worship service. All elementary age kids join with the adults for the portion of worship prior to the sermon. Prior to the sermon, if those children would like to go to kids classes, they are dismissed. Of course, families with children of all ages are welcome to attend gathered worship together as a family unit for the entirety of the service.

We also offer Wednesday night activities during the school year, Vacation Bible School, and other children's ministry events periodically.

Our children's ministry team is friendly, trained, and committed to creating a safe and fun environment for kids to learn how to follow Jesus. All childcare workers have had a background check to further ensure the safety of our kids.

Will I be pressured to give money?

No. We will not pressure you to give, we’re simply thrilled that you chose to visit. You're our guest, and we want you to feel like our guest! When we mention the offering during the service, we are generally speaking to members and regular attenders. If you're comfortable filling out a Connection Card, you can place it in the offering box on the wall by the entrance. If you want to give to support the church, you are certainly welcome to do so.

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