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About Safe Harbor Baptist

History and Vision

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Safe Harbor was planted in 2006. For the first 3 years, the congregation met for worship in a “store-front” location in downtown Georgetown. When the current facility on Gano Avenue became available, Safe Harbor purchased it and relocated in 2009.

In spite of facing some challenges in its early years, the church consistently held firmly to The Lord and the teaching of the Bible and the assurances of God’s faithfulness. In more recent history, The Lord has graciously given Safe Harbor greater church health, spiritual and numerical growth and a wider influence to reach people for Christ.

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With a commitment to seeing a growing number of faithful, Gospel-centered churches in Georgetown as the community continues to grow quickly, Safe Harbor wants to maximize impact at the current location while looking to help plant and revitalize churches in our area.

Safe Harbor continues to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching and teaching salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone, investing in and developing future pastors, church planters, and missionaries, encouraging members to share the gospel with others, and making disciples of Jesus in the community and to the ends of the earth.

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